Seattle Sound and Vibration Products for Noise and Vibration Control
 ICW Wood Framed Ceiling Isolator
The ICW Wood Framed Ceiling Hanger is our premier ceiling isolator for wood framed construction. The ICW keeps your sheetrock decoupled from the wood joist by 1" static deflection spring to provide superior IIC and STC ratings for Floor Ceiling Assemblies. Seattle Sound and Vibration provides engineered drawings with spring locations, dimensions and selections for every job, along with job site visits and installation instructions when needed. Highlights Only lose up to 3" of ceiling height 1 Hour Fire Rating HIGH STC/IIC Numbers Efficient Installations Completely decouples sheetrock from structure Notable Jobs Corbet Crescent Condos in Portland Oregon Michael Cozzi Music Studio in Capital Hill Lucky Strike Lanes in Bellevue WA Lincoln Center in Bellevue WA Vista Park Condominiums in Issaquah WA Swedish Medical Center in Ballard WA




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