Seattle Sound and Vibration Products for Noise and Vibration Control
Architectural Noise Separation RIM
Kinetics Model RIM Roll Out Insulation Underlayment is a world class blocker of sound for an isolated floor. Used in Music/ Dance/Recording studios and practice rooms, mechanical room penthouses, home theatres and stage flooring, RIM is a multi-dimensional sub floor that can adapt to any finish floor and provides outstanding STC and IIC ratings. Seattle Sound and Vibration are licensed contractors in Washington and Oregon and have installed more than 1,000 RIM jobs in our history. The Installation of RIM is just as important as the product itself, so we pride ourselves on the details associated with a successful and acoustical sound system. (See Perimeter Isolation, Penetrations, High Load Isolators.) Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB) is a condensed foam material that provides an acoustical break between the perimeter of the floor and the structure. Without PIB, the floor would short-circuit and the noise energy would escape into structure. Penetrations, or pipe and duct that is connected to the structure from below, gets wrapped by PIB to acoustically decouple the floor from structure. High Load Isolators are KIP pads that are placed specifically to where heavy units are being placed on the floor, for correct support of the system.
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